Labour caught red handed misusing public resources for election campaign

Haringey’s Labour Party has been caught red handed this weekend, using a public library to run its campaigns. Local Liberal Democrats caught Labour putting up posters and holding an election meeting in Wood Green Library on Saturday, breaking the strict rules against misusing public resources for campaign purposes.

After the intervention of Liberal Democrat Noel Park councillor Fiyaz Mughal, the Labour activists, who were holding a campaign meeting, were forced by the librarian to remove them. The group included controversial Labour councillor Sheila Peacock who brazenly admitted putting up the Labour posters.

Liberal Democrat Highgate councillor Neil Williams comments:

“This shows the disgraceful way the Labour party misuses public resources. After 40 years in power, running the worst council in London, Labour thinks it owns Haringey, and can do what is pleases with facilities paid for by local taxpayers.

“I will be asking the Labour leader to sack these Labour candidates, to demonstrate that she takes seriously these sorts of abuses.”

Lynne Featherstone adds:

“This just goes to show that Labour will never change. They think that they have the right to govern in Haringey and will do anything, including breaking strict rules, to cling onto power.”

Traffic calming scheme for “death trap” road welcomed

Fiyaz Mughal and Lynne Featherstone - Westbury AvenueA road that was branded a “death trap” by a local councillor will now receive funding to make it safer after a sustained campaign by local Liberal Democrats. In February this year Cllr Fiyaz Mughal revealed that Westbury Avenue, in Noel Park ward, had been the scene of 14 serious accidents. He demanded that Haringey Council investigated speed restrictions and measures that would improve safety for local residents.

Last week Haringey Council announced that new crossings for pedestrians, slow road markings, vehicle activated slow down signs and raised entries to roads off Westbury Avenue will be installed. Local Liberal Democrats welcomed the progress but said that a 20mph speed limit still needed to be introduced in the area.

Cllr Fiyaz Mughal, Noel Park, comments:

“Looking at the evidence showing how many accidents had occurred on this road and after speaking to local residents it was clear we needed to campaign to make this road safer for pedestrians.

“I am glad that the pressure that local Lib Dems and residents have put on the Council has provided results. But we will not stop there – we still believe that to ensure safety we need to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on this road.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“Hopefully now that plans are afoot to reduce the speed of vehicles on this road the accident rate will fall.”

“Enough is enough” on betting shops say Liberal Democrats

Horse racingHaringey Council should take swift and firm action to halt the surge in betting shops in the Wood Green area to limit crime and anti-social behaviour, local Liberal Democrats have said .

Speaking out against applications to Haringey Council for three new betting shops in Wood Green High Road and Green Lanes, Cllr Ron Aitken, Liberal Democrat Crime spokesperson, has said that Haringey Council needs to urgently lobby the Government to change the law to enable councils to limit the number amount of betting shops in an area.

Recent statistics revealed by the Liberal Democrats show that 735 incidents of criminal damage occurred in Haringey’s betting shops in the past two years as well drug related and public order offences.

Cllr Ron Aitken, Liberal Democrat Crime Spokesperson, comments:

“Statistics indicate that Haringey’s betting shops are a source of significant crime and antisocial behaviour, as well as being a nuisance to local residents.

“We are not against people having a flutter but enough is enough. Haringey Council needs the power to declare that no more betting shops should be allowed in Wood Green or Green Lanes.

“Labour need to lobby their own Government to give local communities the power to curb the ever increasing numbers of betting shops.”

Cllr Fiyaz Mughal (Noel Park) adds:

“The explosion of gambling and gaming venues blight Wood Green’s main shopping street and they do little to support the local economy

“It is time to call a time out and say that enough is enough. Such venues cannot be allowed to grow exponentially whilst the local authority is virtually powerless to stop them. I would be delighted to hear from any Noel Park residents who would like to help us take this campaign forward.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“I will be contacting the Government Minister responsible for the planning laws that leave Haringey Council and local residents powerless to stop betting shops taking over our high streets.”

Parking "consultation" in Noel Park

Haringey are at it again – or more accurately – they are not at it. Yet another ‘consultation’ on parking that has failed to be properly delivered. The local Noel Park LibDems carried out a survey that shows that one in six people failed to even receive the consultation document.

Local people should have received their consultation documents in April this year asking their views on a proposed parking controlled zone for West Green and Bruce Grove. However, from the survey in Boreham Road and Westbury Avenue, carried out by local LibDem councillor Fiyaz Mughal, it is clear that many people never received the documents at all.

The LibDem survey also showed that around seventy per cent of those people who did not receive the consultation documents were against the new CPZ.

Tonight, the Council’s Labour cabinet will decide is the scheme will go ahead – which is clearly nuts – as so many people haven’t even been asked.

Congratulations Fiyaz Mughal

News reached me late – but fabulous news! My Liberal Democrat councillor colleague Fiyaz Mughal has been awarded an OBE. It is awarded to him for services to the voluntary sector, including his work as director of Faith Matters. Congratulations Fiyaz. Very well deserved!

Other elected Liberal Democrats online in Haringey

A quick reminder / round-up of my Lib Dem colleagues on Haringey Council who are online themselves:

Matt Davies (Fortis Green ward councillor) blogs at
Karen Alexander (Harringay ward councillor) is on Twitter as @karenjalexander
Neil Williams (Highgate ward councillor) blogs at
Fiyaz Mughal (Noel Park councillor) has a website at
Richard Wilson (Stroud Green councillor) blogs at

Finding the Liberal Democrats online in Haringey

Over the last year, the online presence of Haringey Liberal Democrats has steadily been growing and expanding. Five of my local colleagues now have their own sites / blogs:

Matt Davies – Fortis Green councillor
Fiyaz MughalNoel Park councillor
David SchimtzTottenham Parliamentary spokesman and Seven Sisters candidate
Neil Williams – Highgate councillor
Richard Wilson – Stroud Green councillor

Haringey Liberal Democrats are also on Facebook, including information about our forthcoming events, or – if you’re not a Facebooker – you can also instead out about our events via the main party website.

Oh, and don’t forget – I’m on Facebook, Twitter (mini-blog style updates) and Flickr (photos).

What a relief for Redvers Road!

In Redvers Road, Noel Park, there’s been a problem – bus drivers and no toilets! After a brilliant piece of action by my Lib Dem colleague – Cllr Fiyaz Mughal – everyone will now be relieved! Until now, bus drivers caught short during the day, had been using bushes and the alleyway behind Hollywood Green cinema. Transport for London have now installed loos for the drivers to use. Hurrah!

Helping make peace in the Middle East

Heard that one of the Haringey Lib Dem councillors, Fiyaz Mughal, has been given a really fantastic award – Ambassador for Peace. The prize is handed out by the London-based Universal Peace Federation, in recognition of his bridge-building work between the Israeli and Palestinian communities. The award also recognises Fiyaz’s economic support for the region, in the form of promoting micro-finance, especially for businesswomen. Well done Fiyaz!