Labour caught red handed misusing public resources for election campaign

Haringey’s Labour Party has been caught red handed this weekend, using a public library to run its campaigns. Local Liberal Democrats caught Labour putting up posters and holding an election meeting in Wood Green Library on Saturday, breaking the strict rules against misusing public resources for campaign purposes.

After the intervention of Liberal Democrat Noel Park councillor Fiyaz Mughal, the Labour activists, who were holding a campaign meeting, were forced by the librarian to remove them. The group included controversial Labour councillor Sheila Peacock who brazenly admitted putting up the Labour posters.

Liberal Democrat Highgate councillor Neil Williams comments:

“This shows the disgraceful way the Labour party misuses public resources. After 40 years in power, running the worst council in London, Labour thinks it owns Haringey, and can do what is pleases with facilities paid for by local taxpayers.

“I will be asking the Labour leader to sack these Labour candidates, to demonstrate that she takes seriously these sorts of abuses.”

Lynne Featherstone adds:

“This just goes to show that Labour will never change. They think that they have the right to govern in Haringey and will do anything, including breaking strict rules, to cling onto power.”