Finding the Liberal Democrats online in Haringey

Over the last year, the online presence of Haringey Liberal Democrats has steadily been growing and expanding. Five of my local colleagues now have their own sites / blogs:

Matt Davies – Fortis Green councillor
Fiyaz MughalNoel Park councillor
David SchimtzTottenham Parliamentary spokesman and Seven Sisters candidate
Neil Williams – Highgate councillor
Richard Wilson – Stroud Green councillor

Haringey Liberal Democrats are also on Facebook, including information about our forthcoming events, or – if you’re not a Facebooker – you can also instead out about our events via the main party website.

Oh, and don’t forget – I’m on Facebook, Twitter (mini-blog style updates) and Flickr (photos).

0 thoughts on “Finding the Liberal Democrats online in Haringey

  1. I’m glad to hear that also other individual Lib Dems in Haringey beside yourself are active in the web, but I have been a bit surprised that the Lib Dems in Haringey still don’t have a collective website. Lib Dems in every other London Borough already have their own website, except for Havering, where they also used to have one before.