Helping make peace in the Middle East

Heard that one of the Haringey Lib Dem councillors, Fiyaz Mughal, has been given a really fantastic award – Ambassador for Peace. The prize is handed out by the London-based Universal Peace Federation, in recognition of his bridge-building work between the Israeli and Palestinian communities. The award also recognises Fiyaz’s economic support for the region, in the form of promoting micro-finance, especially for businesswomen. Well done Fiyaz!

0 thoughts on “Helping make peace in the Middle East

  1. Congratulations and well done Fiyaz! You have achieved alot through your peace initiatives in the Middle East. Best of luck with your future endeavours in the Middle East and peace work.MashP.S. Thanks for your help and assistance and coming along to that thing to sit in….. you know!

  2. The Universal Peace Federation is part of Sun Myung Moon’s life long plan to manipulate the world’s political structures and put his organization in control. Please read his history and quit falling for his spinners bs and you see what you are helping.Try starting here (read the congressional investigation) and here and google “moon spiritual sales japan” and see where Mr. “family” values gets a lot of his cash to fund his ‘efforts’.You can see more about his TRUE “values” here:

  3. I am sure Fiyaz is well deserving of an award just take a look at who gave it to them and why. Oh yes, they talk a good game.Read this – quotes from a book by Moon’s daughter in law. her story has never been questioned and the link I posted in the other comment you can see Moon’s daughter say the author is very honest and credible.