0 thoughts on “Safety along Westbury Avenue

  1. Good work, Lynne, but you’re actually “campaigning” in West Green ward which is, of course, in Tottenham!

  2. The road's the boundary – so the issue is very much "in" Hornsey & Wood Green too – as are plenty of the buildings in the clip!

  3. Lynne, I live in the area & witnessed identical accidents 2 days in a row this week, between a motorcycle & a car. Lowering the speed won't make a difference, as both bikes were passing traffic on the WRONG SIDE of middle yellow line. In other words, they were asking to be knocked off their bikes by driving dangerously. A reduced speed limit wouldn't have prevented these mishaps.While I appreciate your efforts to increase safety on Westbury Ave, I don't think your solution will have any meaningful effect.

  4. Last Thursday a couple of us were talking to a young Council highways engineer at a troublesome junction near me. Not about injury accidents, thankfully, but still about accidents – and they have been triggered by bad junction design. As usual, the engineer has not been trained in occupational psychology, not even to the extent of understanding that such skills must be used in highway design.This illustrates that simply asking for a 20 mph limit is nowhere near enough – you must try to find an occupational psychologist (or suitably expert highways engineer) to assess why these accidents happen and then suggest remedies that are likely to succeed. For example, why do motorcyclists take the decision to overtake?