Lynne Featherstone has edged ahead in election race – and is now predicted to hold Hornsey and Wood Green

578991238Election Forecast has put Lynne Featherstone ahead in Hornsey and Wood Green – predicting that she will hold the seat for the Liberal Democrats at the General Election on May 7th.

These figures follow a different constituency poll in March, which had the Liberal Democrat candidate just 1% behind her Labour opponent.

Lynne Featherstone had represented Hornsey and Wood Green for 10 years. In the last five years in Government, she was the architect and originator of Equal Marriage law, and she announced a £35 million global programme to end FGM within a generation.

The Election Forecast model combines data provided by YouGov with all publicly released national and constituency polls, historical election results, and data from the UK Census.

Lynne Featherstone commented:

“The mood on the doorstep is increasingly positive, and it’s clear that the momentum is with us. The latest Election Forecast shows we’ve edged ahead. With just one week to go – my team and I are working flat out to keep Hornsey and Wood Green liberal!

“Residents know my record. They know that – whatever the national make up – I will fight for better services for Haringey, hold Labour-run Haringey Council to account, and push a progressive agenda in Parliament and Government.”