Lynne Featherstone MP attends launch party of Crouch End schoolboy’s latest comic

Lynne Featherstone MP, Zoom Rockman and Rokesley Junior School headteacher Bola Sonoye-Thomas at the launch party in the Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green.

To check out the latest edition of ‘The Zoom’, a comic created by ten-year-old Zoom Rockman from Crouch End, Lynne Featherstone MP on Friday attended the launch party at the Big Green Bookshop.

The comic, now in its third edition, was founded in 2009 by the then 9-year- old Rokesly Junior student, Zoom, who writes, designs, draws and prints the publication himself.

Lynne Featherstone MP first met Zoom when he drew the winning design, for her 2010 Christmas card, of Santa flying over Wood Green Shopping City.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“I knew Zoom had something extra when I saw his entry for my Christmas Card Competition. Apart from being a really talented artist, he also has a real fun sense of humour that immediately grabbed my attention.

“But I didn’t realize quite how innovative and entrepreneurial he is – writing, designing, drawing and printing his own, very funny comic! I’m very impressed, and sure the future will hold great things, both for Zoom Rockman, and for ‘The Zoom’!”

I've been telling tall tales!

Lynne Featherstone reading at the Big Green BookshopWent through snow and ice to be there on time – at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green – to read to some children from Alexandra Primary School. I don’t know about them – but I hugely enjoyed myself.

I read a few poems from Roald Dahl and got quite carried away with over-acting. We had a good chat too! National Storytelling Week was the reason. Three cheers for the Big Green Bookshop – the best community bookshop there is. (And you can read their blog post about it here.)

Later met with the Rabbi at Muswell Hill Synogogue and visited with the Shabat nursery class – which is clearly a huge success with local families and looked great fun.; visited doctors concerned about how to influence patient care at the new Hornsey Hospital if you are one of the practices not moving in (which is the vast majority); met with a journalist and then did an interview with Art Attack – a new radio station / program based at Camden’s Roundhouse.

The Big Green Bookshop

Lynne Featherstone and Simon Key at the Big Green Bookshop, Wood GreenYesterday I visited the Big Green Bookshop (the defiant result of two heroes of our day – Simon Key and Tim West – who set up a new bookshop after Wood Green’s last bookshop closed down). Went to see how they were doing since opening three months ago. Great is the answer.

In trouble for my own daughter’s birthday tomorrow I asked advice. I said she would be 19 and was interested in film. The recommendation was Persepolis – a graphic novel and film to be released shortly.

Having given it her this morning (Saturday) she was amazed that I had chosen something that apt and really ok! She asked how I had chosen it. And I told her that I had asked the bookseller and that really good booksellers know – really know! And that is the point – here are two booksellers who know and love books and can really make that knowledge available to you or me. It’s friendly, approachable and engaged. So – cheers and well done. Now we all have to buy our books there so that they make it a successful business as well as a brilliant and brave fight.

The Big Green Bookshop

My heroes of the Wood Green bookshop are opening their new bookshop on Saturday – The Big Green Bookshop.

They are trying to make sure they are ready in time – so if anyone can help them get ready for the big day they would love some help. They have bunting to make and flyers to distribute and making the bookshop pretty! So if you are free Thursday or Friday afternoon – please go give them a hand.

And wishing them all the best for Saturday – it’s great to have a bookshop about to open in Wood Green!

Two heroes of Wood Green

Well – my favourite bookish duo ride again! This time the two heroes (Tim West and Simon Key) working to get Wood Green a bookshop to replace Waterstone’s are marking National Children’s‘ Book Week by negotiating an article to go in the local papers about various peoples’ favourite book when they were a child.

I am desperately trying to send off my missive to them. Alongside this the paper will print a competition entry form to name the new bookshop.

This is one of those issues where you have to believe that right will triumph and that these guys will find the funding for their new bookshop. So I will send them my favourite children’s‘ book today!