MP celebrates winning road safety designs with students from local school

Road safety signsTo help celebrate the fantastic work students have been doing on road safety and announce the winners of a road safety sign competition, Lynne Featherstone MP visited a special assembly at Alexandra Primary School.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP gave out prizes to the competition winners, Haidi and Zazia, who not only won brand new bikes, but also saw their winning designs put on road signs that will appear outside the Wood Green school.

The special assembly was the culmination of a joint effort between the school, the local police and neighbourhood management to help teach the children about road safety.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“The winning designs are just fabulous and will hopefully make passing motorists slow down and think twice about road safety so close to the school.

“This area sees a lot of heavy traffic and it’s extra important for kids who live and go to school in such a busy place to know how to stay safe.

“And teaching kids about traffic awareness in this fun and innovative way really seems to work!”

Story time at Big Green Bookshop

To mark National Story Telling Week, Lynne Featherstone MP on Friday hosted a special storytelling session at the Big Green Bookshop for kids from Alexandra Primary School.

The Liberal Democrat MP, who is supporting the Society for Storytelling in a drive to get more people into reading, interpreted some traditional stories with modern twists to a year three class from the Wood Green primary school.

Lynne Featherstone commented:

“With so many computer games and TV shows on offer today, it’s sometimes easy for parents to forget just what a joy it is to sit down and read a really good book to your kids.

“But most of the kids here today seem to have a real hunger for reading, with long lists of favourite books.

“I’ve certainly had a fantastic time here today, and I hope these kids have has just as much fun.”

I've been telling tall tales!

Lynne Featherstone reading at the Big Green BookshopWent through snow and ice to be there on time – at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green – to read to some children from Alexandra Primary School. I don’t know about them – but I hugely enjoyed myself.

I read a few poems from Roald Dahl and got quite carried away with over-acting. We had a good chat too! National Storytelling Week was the reason. Three cheers for the Big Green Bookshop – the best community bookshop there is. (And you can read their blog post about it here.)

Later met with the Rabbi at Muswell Hill Synogogue and visited with the Shabat nursery class – which is clearly a huge success with local families and looked great fun.; visited doctors concerned about how to influence patient care at the new Hornsey Hospital if you are one of the practices not moving in (which is the vast majority); met with a journalist and then did an interview with Art Attack – a new radio station / program based at Camden’s Roundhouse.

Important meeting about our new secondary school

Consultation is not Haringey Council’s strong suit and I was disappointed to say the least when I attended a (poorly publicised) public meeting to discuss the bids to run Haringey’s new secondary school and there were only six members of the public present.

Thankfully Councillor Engert, our local Lib Dem Education Spokesperson, with support from myself scored a mini victory and the Council have bowed to our pressure to organise a second meeting. This is to be held at 18:00 on Tuesday, February 6, at Alexandra Primary School in Western Road, N22 6UH. (For a map click here).

This bid process is a vital decision for our community. The new school will the biggest education investment in Haringey for a generation – so the local community must be right at the heart of the decision making process when it comes to the choice of who runs it. Obviously, I hope the Council will do a better job in letting local people know about this meeting, but I’m also publicising it too – such as with this blog entry! So please do pass the news on to other people – particularly anyone with primary school age kids.

If you won’t be able to make it there are more details online about the process, the bidders and how you can have your say on Haringey Council’s website.

Please feel free to copy me in on your comments – or make comments here on this blog – as I am interested to hear people’s opinions on the proposal.

Liberal Democrat pressure secures second consultation

Pressure from Haringey Liberal Democrats has ensured that a second meeting will be held to discuss bids for the new secondary school in Wood Green. Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone and Councillor Gail Engert (Spokesperson for Children and Young people) voiced their dismay at the disastrous turnout to the first meeting on Tuesday 16th January. Of the thirty-five attendees only six were members of the public – the rest made up of members, teachers, councillors and bid representatives.

Cllr Gail Engert says:

“I am delighted that that Labour have bowed to the request from Lynne and myself for a second consultation meeting on the new school as there were only six ordinary residents at the first one.

“It is paramount that residents, particularly parents, are fully informed of the options. The Liberal Democrats once again have ensured that the people will not be cut-out of the process by inadequate consultation by the Labour council.”

The new meeting is scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday 6th February at Alexandra Primary School in Western Road, N22. Liberal Democrats are urging more residents to attend. This is especially important as in a new blow to local democracy the Labour Government is changing the rules so that the competition for who runs the new school will be decided by the Schools Adjudicator and not the local School Organisation Committee.

Lynne Featherstone commented:

“I am very concerned that an issue of such importance to local residents will now not be decided locally. The Labour government has changed the rules to steamroller their academy programme regardless of local opinion”.