0 thoughts on “More on Wood Green's Waterstone's

  1. I have just been past Waterstones in Wood Green and it is already closed. So what was the point of a petition that isn’t going to be delivered until Friday? What a waste of time signing it. Waterstones is a commercial organisation and if they don’t like to be associated with Wood Green, as they apparantly do not, then I suggest that there is nothing anyone can do about it……………all the rest is talk..talk …talkYes I am angry..but what can you do?

  2. Ha! Lyn Featherstone you are a hypocrite. You, of all people, should know petitions are pointless. I signed a petition in Wood Green after objections were invited to the proposed increase in parking permits. Haringey Council wanted to raise the cost of permits for cars over a certain size. Thousands of us objected: families live in the areas where CPZs are enforced and need bigger cars. I have a big family so a big car is vital. Anyway, the protests were ignored, the council state “objections are invited, but it does not mean we have to listen to them”. I notice that the middle class houses on the other side of Alexandra Palace can park their nice big cars for free in their streets. Also, they get nice traffic calming measures on their roads- the rat run where I live (behind boots) has no such luxuries. I thought CPZs were to reduce illegal parking but it’s just turned into a revenue raiser for Haringey. I wonder how many signatures would be collected on a petition to get rid of MPs, councillors and council staff?

  3. Not every petition suceeds – just as applies to any other way of people expressing their opinion.We don’t always get what we want! But one sure way to not get it is not to try – and petitions and other local campaigns DO often work. Just look at something like the 603 bus – that wouldn’t have happened without all the campaigning, petitioning, lobbying and on and on.