Radio 4 blogging interview now available

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can here in full my interview (along with Dizzy Thinks – aka Phil Hendren) with Radio 4’s PM program before it is even broadcast! It’s up on their website.

I do like the what they are trying with their Saturday show (called iPM) – doing things like making available the draft running order for the show (and showing how it changes over time) and also putting on their website the full interviews which then get edited down for the actual show. It gives the rest of us a better sense of how a radio news programme is actually put together – and also (as with this interview) some access to the fuller information behind the news stories.

Appearing on 18 Doughty Street

It was off to 18 Doughty Street on Thursday night to do the two hour stint from 10 – midnight. Haven’t done this particular slot before. My co-panel comprise Steve Richards (The Independent), Julian Glover (Guardian leader writer) and Phil Hendren (Dizzy Thinks blog) and of course Iain Dale.

Really enjoyable session. Great to hear Steve graciously concede that this new media era is the way forward – him having previously been a doubter. What Steve said was right – the old, format-weary, predictable diet of mainstream politics programs is looking very tired by comparison.

We roamed over bullying Catholics to not vote for politicians who support abortion; the ethics of the media campaign around Madeleine McCann; the Tory grammar school debacle, and the size of men’s private parts – yes – blame Iain! Anyway – hugely enjoyable!