Radio 4 blogging interview now available

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can here in full my interview (along with Dizzy Thinks – aka Phil Hendren) with Radio 4’s PM program before it is even broadcast! It’s up on their website.

I do like the what they are trying with their Saturday show (called iPM) – doing things like making available the draft running order for the show (and showing how it changes over time) and also putting on their website the full interviews which then get edited down for the actual show. It gives the rest of us a better sense of how a radio news programme is actually put together – and also (as with this interview) some access to the fuller information behind the news stories.

0 thoughts on “Radio 4 blogging interview now available

  1. Was an interesting chat Lynne. Funny thing is I don’t remember those sirens in the background when we recorded it! šŸ™‚