Important meeting about our new secondary school

Consultation is not Haringey Council’s strong suit and I was disappointed to say the least when I attended a (poorly publicised) public meeting to discuss the bids to run Haringey’s new secondary school and there were only six members of the public present.

Thankfully Councillor Engert, our local Lib Dem Education Spokesperson, with support from myself scored a mini victory and the Council have bowed to our pressure to organise a second meeting. This is to be held at 18:00 on Tuesday, February 6, at Alexandra Primary School in Western Road, N22 6UH. (For a map click here).

This bid process is a vital decision for our community. The new school will the biggest education investment in Haringey for a generation – so the local community must be right at the heart of the decision making process when it comes to the choice of who runs it. Obviously, I hope the Council will do a better job in letting local people know about this meeting, but I’m also publicising it too – such as with this blog entry! So please do pass the news on to other people – particularly anyone with primary school age kids.

If you won’t be able to make it there are more details online about the process, the bidders and how you can have your say on Haringey Council’s website.

Please feel free to copy me in on your comments – or make comments here on this blog – as I am interested to hear people’s opinions on the proposal.

0 thoughts on “Important meeting about our new secondary school

  1. Instead of opening another school in Haringey. I wish the education department would improve the already poor performing schools that already exist. My neighbour has twins who attend two separate secondary Haringey schools. One Park View Academy, this school is seriously lacking in teachers that are able to provide adequate if any special needs for this child. He is statemented and is supposed to recieve 23hrs a week help. On a wekely basis this child recieves maybe 1 hour. Instead of dealing with his behaviour at school it’s easier to send him home, I find this Disgusting and totally unacceptable. Her other son attends Woodside High school, he is dyslexic and isn’t even registered at the school as having special needs. What are we as parents supposed to do apart from constantly contacting the school, then the teacher you spoke to yesterday is either on leave/sick or was a subsitute. What kinds of children are the government allowing to leave schools, with no basic education. I vote for no more schools and better impeoved teaching and a tighter control on speacial education.

  2. I endeavour to attend the meeting and share several grievances about the new owners of the school. Clearly, it would be appropriate to take into consideration the wider interest of the potential future young people, their parents and the local community where the school will be established. Furthermore, I personally feel the council ought to take full responsibility for this new school, as the council has been able to successfully improve schools under their leadership. We only need to look at the successful GCSE results achieved by students’ at Alexandra Park Secondary School etc. Mash

  3. Michele – we do need another school. However, I totally agree that we need to keep on nagging to improve what we already have as well. If your friend would like to come and talk to me about her situation – just ask her to telephone 0208 340 5459 for a surgery appointment.

  4. Lynne is very tactful and generous. Haringey have no business being, not very good at consultation. It is a basic part of their existence.It is time this council was taken to task on its failure to serve its people.There is far too much cynical disregard for the community by a group who have no mandate and whose purpose is to serve.