Baby Peter, the Equality and Human Rights Commission … and West Ham

As I blogged earlier this week, I was interviewed by Yoosk – answering a series of questions posted by visitors to their website. Here’s a selection of the answers I gave:

On the death of Baby Peter

(Also on YouTube here.)

On the Equality and Human Rights Commission

(Also on YouTube here.)

On similarities between the Liberal Democrats and West Ham

(Also on YouTube here.)

A double dose of interviews

Two interviews today! First up was by Yoosk – a site where you can ask MPs questions – any questions you like. Usually I answer by email – but this time they came to film the answers to six new questions. Yoosk does more than just post questions and answers – people get to rate your answers for things like honesty, clarity and so on

Second interview was with Victoria Hollingsworth – both to for her thesis but probably also for Woman’s Hour or such – about the provision of mental health services for young people. There is much to be said – but the key issue is there is a black hole that young people fall into between 18 and 25, when they are so very vulnerable – and provision and transition just stop. The Government keeps saying it is increasing this and providing that – but the facts on the ground don’t match the rhetoric. Anyway – hopefully it will air on the radio – as it is a really important issue and not one that gets nearly enough airtime.