Baby Peter, the Equality and Human Rights Commission … and West Ham

As I blogged earlier this week, I was interviewed by Yoosk – answering a series of questions posted by visitors to their website. Here’s a selection of the answers I gave:

On the death of Baby Peter

(Also on YouTube here.)

On the Equality and Human Rights Commission

(Also on YouTube here.)

On similarities between the Liberal Democrats and West Ham

(Also on YouTube here.)

0 thoughts on “Baby Peter, the Equality and Human Rights Commission … and West Ham

  1. Lynne – seems like an accurate explanation re Baby Peter – I would support the publication of Serious Case Reviews – anonymised but full. I’d suggest that the secrecy is the over-riding problem together with what appears to be a focus on protecting backs more than protecting children.

  2. Yes – well that’s it – spot on! I have four cases where in each case (one a school parent/governor, one a social work whistle blower, one a health team whistle blower and one the parents of a young boy) the authority has turned on the person bringing the complaint, raising the issue, warning of danger – to the extent where the parents, for example, were accused of child abuse and it took two years for a full apology from Haringey and still they haven’t investigated properly the issues the parents raised.

    It is truly shocking how deep this culture of closing ranks goes here.