Robert Zoellick set to head up the World Bank

Still no change in the world order I see. Once again the United States has simply nominated their political appointee to the position of President of the World Bank.

No doubt when nominations close on Monday – he will simply then be appointed as the sole nominee.

Closed processes are not acceptable.

Mr Zoellick may well be the best man for the job – but we will never know -‘cos he’s the only name in the frame!

Should Robert Zoellick head up the World Bank?

As I’ve said to the media today, following the news the George Bush has picked Robert Zoellick to be the next World Bank President (and the US nominee has always got the job in the past):

No offence to Mr Zoellick, but this is another American and another Bush appointee.

The World Bank has fallen into disrepute through political appointments.

It is not credible for the World Bank to preach good governance to developing nations when its own governance is based on such an outdated and patriarchal world view.

The President of the World Bank should be chosen according to a transparent process on the basis of merit and qualification.

It is a shame that the British Government has done nothing to push for an open and meritocratic selection process for the World Bank presidency.

How should the President of the World Bank be selected?

The World Bank President site has picked up on my exchange in Parliament with Labour minister Hilary Benn on this topic. Given the huge powers that the World Bank has, it’s President should be appointed in an open-way – and based on the merits of the candidates. It’s too important a job to dish out on buggins turn regardless of who could do it best.