Robert Zoellick set to head up the World Bank

Still no change in the world order I see. Once again the United States has simply nominated their political appointee to the position of President of the World Bank.

No doubt when nominations close on Monday – he will simply then be appointed as the sole nominee.

Closed processes are not acceptable.

Mr Zoellick may well be the best man for the job – but we will never know -‘cos he’s the only name in the frame!

0 thoughts on “Robert Zoellick set to head up the World Bank

  1. OK, Lynne, but how do you propose it be done?Having a vote will not ensure the best person for the job – only the one that serves the political interests of the voters best.Appointment based on experience and expertise sounds good, but who judges? Do you set metrics, or an exam, or a practical test? Who sets the scoring scheme? International development economics are a subject of political controversy, with no unarguable answers.Personally, I’d appoint someone like the economist Hernando DeSoto, but I acknowledge that I regard him the best person for the job because his economics fits my political principles. The same would go for other people’s preferences, and so the appointment is unavoidably a political one.Maybe they could learn a lesson from your own case. How was you appointed to be shadow international development secretary, and what did you have to do to show that you was the best person for the job? How did you demonstrate your superior knowledge of development, economics, diplomacy, and so on, and who did you demonstrate it to? How many other qualified candidates for the job did you beat?If you was setting the exam – and as shadow secretary you ought to know a thing or two about the subject by now – what sort of questions would you ask? Show us how good you are!Witholding support from the US would be a serious diplomatic move, no doubt with a lot of unpleasant consequences for the UK. If you’re going to do that, you need a very strong case and a fully worked-out alternative, and make it clear that it’s going to be a significant improvement. You need to make a positive and visibly knowledgable contribution. Otherwise it all looks like just another case of anti-American sour grapes.

  2. Perhaps we should privatise the World Bank, then it would be removed from political considerations like this.It can then be free to pursue development aims without the politicking which is so dominant now.Privatise it as a not-for-profit group if there are worries about exploitation for profit.