Liberal Democrat thanks to Haringey residents YES! in referendum

Local Liberal Democrats have thanked all those residents who voted for the successful Haringey YES! campaign last Thursday.
Haringey residents gave an overwhelming endorsement to the alternative vote, making it one of a handful of places to say yes.  An all party campaign strongly supported by Haringey Liberal Democrats proved that the borough’s voters lead the way in pressing for democratic reform.
Liberal Democrat Council Group leader Robert Gorrie welcomed the result saying,
“It just shows what can be done if an informed and progressive electorate get the facts.  It is a great shame that the No campaign tactics were all about attacking personalities, manufacturing scares and sowing confusion, rather than debating the issue.  Full marks to Haringey residents for seeing through this.”
Lynne Featherstone MP added:
“It was very heartwarming to see the people of Haringey so resoundingly saying YES to fairer votes on Thursday – a little ray of sunshine on a pretty dark day. Sadly, the fantastic result we got here in Haringey was not echoed elsewhere.

“But I am pleased that locally, we not only had an above the London average turnout, but people really engaged with the campaign and the issues. I’m proud of Haringey and of the many engaged and enthusiastic residents who live here!”