Jubilee Line, lost and found

I blogged a few days ago about part of the Jubilee Line missing from Archway tube station signs. Now I’ve had an explanation:

The inaccuracy is that we have not represented the interchange for the Jubilee line at Waterloo and London Bridge by a solid, fully-shaded grey chevron and are still showing it at Charing Cross.

This is not a unique problem to the signs at Archway, unfortunately. We are rectifying these omissions (and other anomalies on our station signing) by replacing incorrect signs at the point of each station refurbishment. It is policy to make the changes at the point of the station refurbishment so that we can take advantage of project teams that are on site and deliver best value for money.

Archway is due to be refurbished very soon. Planning work has already begun and work should be on site in January 2010 and we will be installing new signs at this point.

Welcome news – though given the Jubilee Line extension opened in 1999, that will make 10 years to update the sign! Perhaps some stickers could have been used?

The Jubilee Line goes missing

From Archway Station – ooops, they’ve missed the “Jubilee Line” box off for London Bridge (where it does run), and have added a sliver of Jubilee Line colour to Elephant & Castle (where it doesn’t) – not a successful bit of sign-making!

Northern Line sign at Archway Station with error over London Bridge

Perhaps this is becoming a new hobby for me – picking up on tube station signs that don’t give the right information about which line a station is on – as readers may recall from the Finsbury Park sign in 2007!