The Jubilee Line goes missing

From Archway Station – ooops, they’ve missed the “Jubilee Line” box off for London Bridge (where it does run), and have added a sliver of Jubilee Line colour to Elephant & Castle (where it doesn’t) – not a successful bit of sign-making!

Northern Line sign at Archway Station with error over London Bridge

Perhaps this is becoming a new hobby for me – picking up on tube station signs that don’t give the right information about which line a station is on – as readers may recall from the Finsbury Park sign in 2007!

0 thoughts on “The Jubilee Line goes missing

  1. Is the coloured mark for London Bridge and half of Elephant silver (Jubilee line), or just black&white (National Rail)?Either way, I agree they haven't updated London Bridge for the Jubilee line extension 🙂