Tories today!

Just watching the news as the latest revelations on MP expenses roll onwards. It’s the turn of the Tories with Alan Duncan and Michael Gove’s names in the frame. No doubt we will have our turn in due course.

On Sky this morning – it was the main topic of debate – and it is quite breath-taking at times. I think MPs who need a second home should have one – and a decent one – but have long time been on the record as saying that if you buy a house using public money to pay your mortgage then any capital gain (or loss) on sale should go to the House of Commons. What makes for such shameful reading is that public money is used to do up places, name them as primary homes to avoid capital gains tax and then sell for a profit. That’s where it is so wrong. And I guess the other glaring bit of the expenses debacle – is the idea that it’s ok to employ a gardener at the tax payer’s expense.

This will run and run.