Tories today!

Just watching the news as the latest revelations on MP expenses roll onwards. It’s the turn of the Tories with Alan Duncan and Michael Gove’s names in the frame. No doubt we will have our turn in due course.

On Sky this morning – it was the main topic of debate – and it is quite breath-taking at times. I think MPs who need a second home should have one – and a decent one – but have long time been on the record as saying that if you buy a house using public money to pay your mortgage then any capital gain (or loss) on sale should go to the House of Commons. What makes for such shameful reading is that public money is used to do up places, name them as primary homes to avoid capital gains tax and then sell for a profit. That’s where it is so wrong. And I guess the other glaring bit of the expenses debacle – is the idea that it’s ok to employ a gardener at the tax payer’s expense.

This will run and run.

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  1. Lynne, Would you not agree that beyond allowing many MPs to benefit from a no risk bet on rising property prices in the boom years, these ‘benefits’ blinded them from recognising the dangers of the housing bubble that was forming?RB

  2. Nonsense – MPs shouldn’t have a crap second home let alone a decent one. Plenty of people in this country can’t even afford one home of their own nevermind two.Yes many MPs need to stay in London, thus there should be a high quality accommodation block near Parliament for them to use over their term of office.No one buys or sells anything, or does anything up or claims for porn of uses patio heaters. It’s there, run by the taxpayer and owned by the taxpayer.Not only will this reduce the huge amount of corruption in government, it will also vastly save on security costs as just a handful of police would be able to look after the whole thing.The thing about Jacqui Smith’s scam was that it actually cost even more in terms of policing than she gained out of it herself, and of course her role already has housing available as a perk of the job.If she wants to continue to “live” with her sister rather in perfectly good existing accommodation then she should pay the extra security costs herself.