New civic centre might mean end for Asian charity

Fearing that a proposed relocation of the Civic Centre to their site will mean the end to their charity, Woodside House based ‘I Can Care’ last Friday invited Lynne Featherstone MP and Cllr Robert Gorrie, leader of Haringey Liberal Democrats, along to see some of their amazing local work.

The charity, which gives welfare advice and does computer, yoga and English classes for elderly Asian residents, only found out about the Labour-led council’s plans to move to Woodside House from a press release. Ms Featherstone is now writing to Haringey Council to ask what measures they are taking to ensure the future of I Can Care .

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“It’s shocking that Haringey Council has publicly announced this planned move to Woodside House without even mentioning it to ‘I Can Care’. There’s been no assurance from Haringey Council, no consultation, not even a phone call. That’s not what I call democratic!”

Robert Gorrie adds:

“Haringey Council’s lack of respect for this vibrant and well supported community group is as unacceptable as is the lack of clarity on how the Council have come to the view that Woodside House is a suitable location for a new Council Chamber. Have they asked residents whether this is a good use of tax payer’s money?”

Popular classes under threat

Lynne Featherstone and Robert Gorrie at Woodside HouseOff to Woodside House yesterday where I meet a huge class of Asian ladies doing exercise. As you can see from the photo – very colourful and very determined that Haringey’s Labour Council are not simply going to remove their vital facility without a fight!

Woodside House is the proposed target for Haringey to redevelop into a new Civic Centre for the Council (with the idea of selling off the current one). That is why Cllr Robert Gorrie, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Council group, and myself have come to see what’s what.

Thus far – the Council (Labour) have not been able to answer any questions as to why this site, what criteria, what consequences, were alternatives looked at – nothing. Nada! Hopeless as usual. And with the vital Woodside Luncheon Club under threat as well as the exercise classes – not to mention the building that has been done up to provide English lessons, computer skills etc – Haringey Labour are really asking for trouble! And I will almost certainly be happy to give it to them. No consultation. No discussion. No investigation. No nothing. Bastards!