Popular classes under threat

Lynne Featherstone and Robert Gorrie at Woodside HouseOff to Woodside House yesterday where I meet a huge class of Asian ladies doing exercise. As you can see from the photo – very colourful and very determined that Haringey’s Labour Council are not simply going to remove their vital facility without a fight!

Woodside House is the proposed target for Haringey to redevelop into a new Civic Centre for the Council (with the idea of selling off the current one). That is why Cllr Robert Gorrie, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Council group, and myself have come to see what’s what.

Thus far – the Council (Labour) have not been able to answer any questions as to why this site, what criteria, what consequences, were alternatives looked at – nothing. Nada! Hopeless as usual. And with the vital Woodside Luncheon Club under threat as well as the exercise classes – not to mention the building that has been done up to provide English lessons, computer skills etc – Haringey Labour are really asking for trouble! And I will almost certainly be happy to give it to them. No consultation. No discussion. No investigation. No nothing. Bastards!

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  1. Lynne, I am disappointed that you have willingly chosen to use inflammatory language in your blog post, which is completely unacceptable. Please would you kindly remove the word “bastard” as there may just be children accessing your website. There are many aspiring MPs out there, particularly young people, and if they come across abusive language written by a respected politician, it may cause problems. :-)tHANKS

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