I appear to have the joint second best MP website

Once again the bridesmaid rather than the bride as I don’t come first in the British Computer Society MP Website awards.

There were three categories – best design, best engagement and best accessibility – plus an overarching prize of prizes for the Best MP Website overall.

Much to my surprise I was one of the two runner ups on the big one! So – not so bad.

Congrats to the BCS for recognising that we MPs are using the medium and as the comment on my site said ‘really trying’ (in the best possible sense)!

Adam Price won the overarching prize – and our own Lib Dem Tom Brake won one of the categories. Well done Tom!

Electing council group leaders

Threw cat amongst the pigeons – Lib Dem pigeons naturally – at London Region Conference tonight. However, the pigeons didn’t react as expected.

I had written a piece for Liberal Review a while back on how Lib Dem council group leaders are elected – currently by the elected councillors in that group. I had suggested that this should be changed to come in line with how we elect our Party Leader – one member one vote. The comments that followed were pretty robust and whilst there were many who agreed – there were certainly a whole host who felt that you couldn’t and shouldn’t let ordinary members have a say. Shock horror. Anyway – if you want to read the piece in full it’s at on the Liberal Review website.

Tonight I simply put the case and then it has to be said, barring one councillor who spoke against, all seemed to think it was the right thing to be thinking about. So have asked those there to take it back to their particular areas and see and debate in their own local parties – and then – use the usual opportunities to bring forward such a motion.

I also gave a keynote speech, my last as London Spokesperson as Tom Brake is taking over following my elevation to Shadow Cabinet. So outside of encouraging our troops and pointing out our tremendous advances in London, I was laying out a thesis about gun and gang culture and putting forward some suggestions on how to engage fathers with their children. You can read what I said on my website.