Rugby Football Union Women

Talking of extending the range of sport on offer to young people – which is part of the Body Confidence project – last night I attended the launch dinner of the Women’s World Rugby Cup. This worldwide tournament is taking place from mid-August to mid September in Surrey – and our team is in with a real chance. You can find out more about the World Cup here.

What a committed group of both women and men (the sport is well integrated) completely dedicated to promoting and expanding participation in this game – on which I had a crash course during the dinner.

From even four years ago the women’s game has mushroomed. Amongst the guests were the real pioneers of the sport – those women who had pushed and pushed for the success they now have. From the time where there were so few women interested that to get a team together you had to gather girls from whole regions – nay – the whole of the north of England – now the numbers are growing.

Having the World Cup here – and it being televised by Sky (full marks to Sky for televising women’s sport – something other broadcasters might like to follow suit in) will undoubtedly spawn a whole new avalanche of interest.

Good luck to the team and look forward to watching you.