Local MP to host public meeting on the future of the Whittington A&E

To give local residents the chance to hear directly from hospital bosses about the threat to the Whittington’s A&E, Lynne Featherstone MP will be hosting a public meeting on the issue on Thursday 4 March, at Greig City Academy, High Street, Hornsey, N8 7NU:

The meeting, which will run from 8 pm, will give local residents the chance to question Rachel Tyndall, Chair of the North Central London Review Panel, the organisation that has put forward the suggestion to close the Whittington A&E, and Richard Sumray, who is Chair of NHS Haringey.

Lynne Featherstone will also lead a group of Liberal Democrats who are marching from Highbury Fields in Islington, to Whittington Hospital on Saturday 27 February from 12 noon, to protest against the threat to the Archway emergency department, and encourages local residents to come along and show their support for the campaign.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“Local residents need to get a chance to put their concerns about the future of our A&E directly to the people in charge. And the hospital bosses need to hear how strongly we feel about these threats.

“So please come along both to the march on the 27th, and to the meeting on the 4th March. Join us and make your voice heard – together we can fight this!”

Note: The meeting will be in the school’s assembly hall and access to the hall is from Hillfield Avenue.

Whittington A&E new news!

Word reaches me from the Council of Governors’ of the Whittington who met on 13 January (not from a Governor – just before anyone begins a witch hunt).

According to the record of the meeting  – North Central London NHS (the sector we belong to) and the Whittington have now ruled out the Whittington A&E being reduced in hours to 16 per day. In black and white it says: “This leaves options where either the full A&E is retained or there will be no A&E at all. The Whittington might then have an Urgent Care Centre.”

Reading the words in italic above from the record of the Governors’ meeting – why is it I feel that the North London Central NHS will be pushing for the Urgent Care Centre.

If that is such a brilliant solution – let them have the courage of their convictions and put both options to us – the people!

Well – the public consultation is in the Autumn or later – and I am sure we local people all want the option that retains a 24/7 A&E at the Whittington to be in that consultation – and we want that consultation to be for those who use the Whittington. They are the ones who need to be heard in this debate – local people, the patients and the relatives – not the rest of the sector, not the managers, not the CEOs or Medical Directors – but us!

Our challenge is to make sure that option comes forward and that consultation actually means that we have a choice and that the outcome of the consultation reflects our views.