Vote for change – don't make me laugh!

Only on Sunday David, trust me, Cameron was telling his Party conference that it was his patriotic duty to save the country from a Labour Government and that the new Tory slogan was ‘Vote for Change’.

Two days later – his ‘patriotism’¬† has been¬† blown out of the water as it clearly doesn’t extend very far – so long as the Tory coffers are filling. And as for ‘change’ – protecting Tory friends in the City or elsewhere has long been stock in trade for the Tories.

In fact – if the City is jittery – it’s not a hung parliament that is the scary story – it’s the sudden realisation that the Tories might not win and the expected continuation of the good life for the bankers and the stockbrokers which suddenly looked a bit iffy when the two point diminishing lead in the polls scared them silly.

So – forced into coming clean – Ascroft – Tory donor extraordinaire – is a non dom. He hasn’t paid his full whack of tax in Britain on his massive fortune stored in a distant land – and with his tax savings has literally been buying seats for the Tories.

Why am I not surprised? Well – because every time the Tory leadership was asked about Lord Ashcroft’s status they wriggled and squirmed and evaded a definitive answer. So we knew that they knew that Ashcroft was not as presented – hence the endless questions over the last decade as to his real status – but they would not admit it.

I am just astonished that this has been left to run for so long and that Cameron protected Ashcroft for so long. What on earth does that say about Cameron and his honesty? Quite a lot I think.