Success! Wood Green Police Station front counter to open 24/7

Hurrah! A good news story. Having nagged for months about better opening hours and the future of Wood Green police station – news reached me last night that the local Commander, Mr Grant, has agreed to open the police station front counter there 24/7.

Last week I posted this, and in September I posted this.

However, the good news has a caveat. The Commander has said that he will be monitoring visits to the station front counter and times of visits and then he will review the need or otherwise for these opening hours. I spoke to Mr Grant (Commander) this morning and he has gone one step further.

Already decked out and ready to go is a new front counter in Wood Green, not so far off the beaten track and right next door to the Civic Centre. It’s called – the Fishmonger’s Arms. From my previous discussions with him, Mr Grant has agreed to consult on how people feel about the front counter moving. (Mr Grant had already agreed to keep that front counter open later – until midnight – if it went ahead).

In our conversation today, he said that even if the review of the usage of the 24/7 Wood Green Police Station didn’t show the necessary footfall – he would be prepared to try a 24/7 service again if the front counter moved to the new premises as it is nearer the much higher footfall.

Please let me know what you feel about any potential move to a new police front counter at the Fishmonger’s Arms – next to the Civic Centre?