Made in Dagenham

Went to a screening last night of a new film to be released in the autumn – Made in Dagenham. Invited – because it is the story of equal pay – how the women machinists at Ford Dagenham car plant went on strike for equal pay over forty years ago. Their action led to the Equal Pay Act forty years ago.

That fight still goes on today – with a pay gap between men and women in full time work – as unacceptable now too.

But outside of the issue itself – which is extremely timely with the coalition commitment to promoting the right to request flexible working to all and promote equal pay – it is just a brilliant film.

It is in the genre of Billy Elliot and Brassed Off – and I hope that everyone sees it – as it is truly inspiring. Although for reasons I don’t understand (other than the ‘F’ word is used) it is going to get a 15 certificate. Given the violent films that are passed for children – I am a bit surprised that something this educational, entertaining and brilliant cannot be seen by those under 15.

Huge congratulations to everyone who worked on this great British film.