Boris, Tessa Jowell and John Denham!

I tweeted thus this afternoon: ‘Got in lift at City Hall to find Boris, Tessa Jowell and John Denham. I thought an Olympics cabal. But what else might they have been up to?’

And here followeth samples of the wit that flowed forth from your responses:

1) Fight Club?

2) Expenses alibis?

3) If you get Seb Coe and David Beckham you get to shout house!

4) Looking for a brain cell?

5) Grey’s Anatomy at City Hall?

6) Jowell and Denham realising that New Labour project has bankrupted country are throwing their hands in with Tories?

7) Dissing LDs?

8) Eastenders casting?

Number 6 is my winner.

Thanks for contributions. LOL