Bebo launch with Joe TrippiBebo event! Bebo – who are a social network outfit and on a promotional drive – and today took part in an event in Parliament about the impact of the internet and social networking on politics. Also there was Joe Trippi, but I was really there for the Bebo launch of the Be Cause scheme.

They have asked three MPs (one from each main party) to take part – using Bebo to promote a particular cause. In my case – it’s a litter pick in Parkland Walk on the 30th June. You can see the Bebo event here.

This is a very good example of how the net can be a socially cohesive tool informing and bringing communities together over a local concern. In this case – people are concenred about the future of Parkland Walk, so I’ve used the internet to run an online survey to gather in people’s views, emails to let people know what is happening on the issue and now – Bebo to bring people together (I hope!) to make a difference directly. And that’s engagement.