Lynne Featherstone MP visits special dads' playgroup at new Highgate children's centre

Lynne with parents and children at Highgate Dads' ClubOn a tour of the new Highgate Children’s Centre on Gaskell Road today, Lynne Featherstone MP got the chance to chat with fathers who attend the centre’s unique ‘dads club’, a special playgroup for local stay-at-home dads and their kids.

The club, one of only a handful in London, was started by a local dad and has been running twice a week since the centre opened in the spring. The Liberal Democrat MP, who has long been campaigning for special dads’ clubs to help involve dads in their children’s education – so called ‘dads and doughnuts clubs’ – was excited to see such an outstanding example on the site of her old primary school.

The Gaskell Road centre, which has proven highly popular since it opened in May, is also helping local parents with health care, information and general child care.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“The club is brilliant! Being a stay-at-home parent can be hard – and the dads club offers a unique chance for Highgate dads to share experiences with people in the same situation. I would love to see similar groups start-up all over the borough.

“Highgate has long been in need of a children’s centre, and this place is a true gem! They run a fantastic range of playgroups and the dedicated staff offer invaluable support to new mums and dads. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”