Guy Njike

Good news – finally! Guy Njike has been granted indefinite leave to remain here. While his solicitors were still preparing his new fresh claim, the Home Office has granted him indefinite leave to remain under the legacy cases programme. Congratulations to Sara Hall and all those who campaigned so tirelessly for this happy ending.

Guy Njike: judicial review granted

A welcome update from the campaign for Guy Njike:

We’ve heard today that Guy’s application for a judicial review of his case has been successful. This means that Guy’s case will now be heard in court.

While this is going on he can’t be deported. This is really, really great news for now.

But it’s important that all of us keep going until Guy is truly save.

Please write to the Home Secretary on Guys behalf and ask your friends and family to do the same:

Guy Njike

guy NijkeA young woman constituent came to my advice surgery this week – fighting to save her friend Guy Njike from being sent back to Cameroon.

Legions of asylum seekers fail to get permission to stay and have to return – but Guy’s story – and the ultimate decision by the Home Office to refuse his application and his appeal is unfair. It is unfair – because he didn’t have the right documentation or information at his hearing – and he didn’t have the information because he didn’t know he needed it – and he didn’t know he needed it because he was passed through a chain of different caseworkers and none of them really took it on and presented his case rigorously.

It was a series of unfortunate events – the most unfortunate of which is that the system ultimately doesn’t even let the applicant challenge wrong statements only points of process of law. As a result – Guy’s life will be in danger.

There is a very good piece on the New Statesman website about this decent, talented individual, who has been treated appallingly by our faltering and inadequate Home Office and if returned to Cameroon will be in great danger as a former opposition political activist.

Now Guy himself ‘belongs’ to my neighbouring MP Jeremy Corbyn, who is fighting his case as you would expect Jeremy to do. But I am happy to join in this campaign on behalf of my constituent, Sara Hall, who came to see me with her friend Kirrily. More strength to their campaign. It was heart-warming to see them fighting for human rights – and human compassion. I am writing to the Home Secretary too – to add my support to the groundswell of outrage at Guy’s treatment.

Update: the campaign’s website is at