Local MP supports impressive community project at Alexandra Palace Allotments

With project team at AllotmentTo support an impressive lottery winning project that will make the world of difference to green-fingered allotment users, Lynne Featherstone MP on Friday officially opened Haringey’s first green composting toilet at Alexandra Palace allotments.

The project, funded by a £4,000 lottery grant, came into being thanks to allotment faithfuls Colin Roberts and John Wilkinson, who came up with the idea and secured the funding. Thanks to an impressive team of allotment users who built the disability-friendly facility from scratch, users from all walks of life can now spend more time tending to their plots, without cutting their visits short.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“This is an impressive example of the community coming together to realise a long-held wish. Having to cut your visit to your plot short because of lack of facilities has been the case for many allotment users for years. Now that will all change thanks to the inspiration of Colin, John, Mike and Anne and their team of constructors.

“It’s something so simple, but it took someone with vision and the efforts of many to make it happen. I’m hugely impressed – well done all at Alexandra Palace allotments!”

Alexandra Palace allotments Chairman (also Highgate Lib Dem Councillor) Bob Hare adds:

“I know just how much work it was to dig the large hole over the 3 month period, and then to build the project around the composter unit, but I also know just how much the unit is appreciated by everyone.

“Allotment culture has changed, and many families are spending more time on their plots perhaps eating lunch or supper, which makes having a facility like this a really fantastic benefit.”