Lynne Featherstone MP responds to Hornsey Depot application

Lynne Featherstone MP outside Hornsey DepotLynne Featherstone MP has submitted a response to the application to build a Sainsbury’s supermarket, a car park, and over 400 flats on the old Depot site on Hornsey High Street.

The application was submitted by Sainsbury’s and the developers St James’ last year, and will be discussed by Haringey Council – who will make the final decision on the application – on the 20th January.

In the response, the Liberal Democrat MP outlined concerns about the impact of the development of local businesses and high street, along with concerns about increased traffic, the height of the development, quality of housing and impact on local services such as schools and doctors surgeries.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green held a public meeting to discuss the development in November, and together with the Haringey Lib Dems, asked thousands of residents for their views about the plans. Residents’ views arising from the meeting and survey have been used to inform the response.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“Nobody wants this site to remain derelict, but the consequences of over-development or pushing ahead with plans against the will and advice of local residents could harm our local area.

“Concerns remain about the impact on local traders, the increased traffic, the quality of housing and the increased demand on local schools and GPs a surge in population will cause.  These concerns and more are outlined in detail in my response.

“These considerations must be addressed before local residents and I can fully support the planned development.”

1 thought on “Lynne Featherstone MP responds to Hornsey Depot application

  1. Dear Sirs, I am a resident living at Miles Road (N8). I also share the concerns addressed above; however, I also have a further question. As work has already begun with the demolition of the buildings, I raise concern over the awkwardness of trying to get yourself from the homes into the main street and so on via car. I can only imagine that this will become even more difficult once the actual building work starts. The problem, in my opinion, being that there is only one access point to and from our street onto Campsbourne Road as Myddelton Road is closed off.

    This road was tight enough at best of times to get in and out, prior to any major building development being undertaken. I would like to find out if any consideration to this issue has been addressed or acknowledged prior to the approval of these developments getting into full swing as I am thinking this will only bring more complications to local residents of the area. A resolute could be to remove or open the barrier from Myddleton Road allowing only outgoing traffic. I would be grateful to hear others residents views on the above, as we clearly are in for a long period of inconvenience, which is not fair to current residents and should be examined prior to the larger works being undertaken.

    In our particular area, it is Estate Zoned Parking and there are times that I am finding that there are no places for residents to park, due to outside vehicles taking the spaces. Fair enough that they are eligible to receive a ticket, providing that there are parking officers that are frequenting the area, but this is not typically the case. I only bring this to light, as we know that we are now facing a long period of parking and driving frustration, that could be lessened if consideration is taken for local residents, as it should be.

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