Haringey Council Tax

Did you know that the average Council Tax bill in Haringey increased by a whopping £474 under the previous Labour Government?

That’s right – under Labour, year on year Council Tax for Haringey residents increased way above the rate of inflation.

Constantly rising Council Tax did not help individuals and families with the cost of living – particularly after the recession began.

That’s why the local Liberal Democrats and I campaign for a local Council Tax freeze year on year in Haringey. And since the Lib Dems entered Government in 2010, Council Tax in Haringey hasn’t risen at all.

In short – local authorities like Haringey Council are now being given extra money from the Government if they do not raise Council Tax. And with the pressure from local Lib Dem campaigning, Labour-run Haringey Council have had no choice but to accept.

Lib Dem action locally and in Government is protecting people from the kind of Council Tax increases we saw under Labour. That’s something to be proud of!

You can read more about Haringey’s Council Tax here.

If you need any help with your Council Tax or are having problems with Haringey Council – you can contact me here.

2 thoughts on “Haringey Council Tax

  1. “our work in government to secure funds for the council”

    Go on, remind us how many tens of millions of pounds central government – that government the Lib Dems are in, as you say – cut from Haringey’s budget? Something like £80m, isn’t it?

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