Holocaust Memorial Day events in Haringey

With fighting, hated and discrimination still present in the world, it is vital that we never forget some of the horrors of the past, and keep working to prevent them occurring again.

Holocaust Memorial Day is an annual event (27th January) dedicated to the remembrance of Holocaust victims.

This year, there are three events in Haringey to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

There is the annual multi faith commemorative gathering, taking place on the 26th January at Bruce Castle Museum.

There will also be an exhibition at libraries across Haringey about the role of the Righteous Muslims in the 2nd World War. The exhibition starts at Highgate Library on Monday 13 January for 2 weeks and then moves to the libraries at Muswell Hill, Alexandra Park, Coombes Croft, St Ann’s and Stroud Green & Harringay.

And on the 4th Feb, Muswell Hill is hosting a one woman performance of Etty – a play about Etty Hillesum before she is first deported to Westerbork and later Auschwitz.

All events are free. For further info about the events and bookings, please see the poster here.

1 thought on “Holocaust Memorial Day events in Haringey

  1. will there be any mention on holocaust day of the 2,000,000 or more Armenians murdered between 1915 and 1917, and the failure of governments to recognise this? and the fact that these atrocities inspired hitler to perpetuate his evil in the 1930’s and 40’s? and will there be any mention of the terrible fate suffered by the Romanov family (and many others) at the hands of the bolsheviks? it is surely important to remember these events, not only to honour those innocent men, women and children tragically and brutally murdered, but to raise awareness so as to help to prevent history repeating itself again and again and again as we have seen even in recent years, from Sarejevo to Sudan to Tibet. love, peace, and freedom.

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