Liberal Democrats launch manifesto – four times as fair!

Today Nick Clegg and Vince Cable launched the Liberal Democrat manifesto – setting out four clear priorities of fair taxes, a fair chance for every child, a fair economy, and a fair deal by cleaning up politics.

Nick Clegg said:

“Every manifesto needs to have an idea at its heart. The basic idea that animates this manifesto is something I have always believed. I believe every single person is extraordinary.

“The tragedy is that we have a society where too many people never get to fulfil that extraordinary potential.

“My view – the liberal view – is that government’s job is to help them to do it. Not to tell people how to live their lives. But to make their choices possible, to release their potential, no matter who they are.

“The way to do that is to take power away from those who hoard it. To challenge vested interests. To break down privilege. To clear out the bottlenecks in our society that block opportunity and block progress. And so give everyone a chance to live the life they want.

“There’s a simple word for those ideas, and it’s a word this manifesto is built on: fairness.”

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The banks and bankers are still making people rightly angry. As Vince Cable says – we have to break up the banks. Let the ‘casino’ banks that want to take risks be completely separate from safe and reliable high street banks, building societies and mutuals – that will support local people and local businesses. As well as the 10% levy on bank profits, we have announced a five point plan to tackle those obscene bankers’ bonuses. Never again should bonuses motivate bankers to behave in the way that led to the banking crisis.

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0 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats launch manifesto – four times as fair!

  1. Some very good policies in there. I note the manifasto states:

    “Introduce a Default Contact Arrangement which would divide the child’s time between their two parents in the event of family breakdown, if there is no threat to the safety of the child.”

    Shouldn’t the word “equally” be in there somewhere? The present situation is that most fathers do eventually get the child’s time divided (albeit after being banned form seeing them completely).

    The key to family breakdown is equal parenting – i.e. the starting point should be 50:50 contact. Present we tend to “divide” a child’s time between the parents, with the father getting about 96% of it! Would have been nice to see an actual promise that this would change or perhaps you missed out “equally” by mistake?

    Would be disappointing if the Lib Dems are going to be watering down their policies in this area.