Alexandra Palace Issues

Lib Dem Council Group meeting where we decide on motions, questions and discuss other business. Big discussion on Alexandra Palace – when isn’t there? We are deeply concerned about some of the things going on – but whenever we raise questions in council or by letter – they are simply ignored and go unanswered. The lack of democracy and transparency around the Palace is of great concern. During the election Ken said he would look at any proposals for him to take it over. Bet if he sees the books he’ll retract that offer!

Alexandra Palace

Tottered around Alexandra Palace with Simon Hughes whilst LibDem Cllr Bob Hare briefed him on the upcoming debate in Parliament on the Palace. Haringey are trying to flog it off for 125 years – privatising the Pally because of their own incompetence in trying to run it. Debt is the only thing Labour in Haringey know how to build! And then they sure know how to pass on the cost to the council tax payers.

Simon was excellent and grasped the facts extremely fast. He will be one of the Members of Parliament speaking in the debate on Wednesday.