I'm going to two same sex weddings today!

The first wedding of the day is Subodh and Niranjan – who have been together forever – at the registry office in Wood Green. The second is at Alexandra Palace – Benjamin and Nathan. I am even wearing a frock! And I wish both couples and everyone else who is getting married today all the happiness in the world.

This really is an historic day!

1 thought on “I'm going to two same sex weddings today!

  1. Personally myself I have nothing against same sex weddings now they have been made legal. I watched question time on TV last Thursday night with David Dimbleby. The religious woman in the audience who said that marriage is for the procuration of children only. I don’t agree with that utterance and neither did many of the audience going by their reaction. I have been married since 1970 and I have no children some people cannot have children and some prefer not to have any by choice. Marriage if not just about that issue what about love and understanding and sharing your life together with a person be they male or female or same sex couples. I think same sex marriages or partnerships should have the same rights as male and female couples. The opposition by the religious organizations and some political parties in the UK is akin to my mind to living in the middle ages they don’t seem to want to evolve. I have many friends who aren’t married I do not judge their decision not to marry. It is a personal choice. I have a gay friend who had a civil partnership at a local register office with her partner I went along as a guest my friends parents would not go as they disagree with same sex partnerships that has really split my friend from her parents but they refuse to accept my friends partner so what can she do. It is a pity but unfortunately some people aren’t that liberal regarding certain issues in life and are very stayed.

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