Two same sex weddings – one happy politician!

Yesterday was just the best day ever.

You know you go into politics to make the world a better place – and yesterday that happened. The world is a better place today than it was – because two people who love each other can get married. Full stop!

The first wedding of the day for me was at 9.30 at Wood Green Civic Centre between two men who I have known for years – Subodh and Niranjan.

They have been together for over twenty years – and yesterday – I was there when they got married. Yes – I did cry. It was incredibly moving. Weddings are always moving – but this was both personal and historic. And additionally – because they come from an Asian background – it heightened even more the discrimination and rejections that they have come through to get to this day – with their mothers and family around them.

The second wedding of the day was quite a production – literally. It was the wedding of Benjamin and Nathan who had written and composed their entire wedding as a musical and wanted to share it with us all. It was held in the theatre at Alexandra Palace and as it will be screened on Monday night on Chanel 4 at 10pm – I will keep the surprise. Suffice to say that despite all the hoo ha and the celebs that surround a television production – this was still a wedding at its core and just as real and just as moving. In fact there is one bit that had me sobbing – but if you watch it on Monday you will probably be able to guess which bit.

This was definitely a day to remember – and the wonderful thing is – that it will now be every day from this day forward.

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