Same sex marriage day tomorrow!

I am going to two weddings tomorrow – same sex weddings of course!

And whilst those who marry on this first day will be part of history – the real point is that from this day forward – people of the same sex can get married any day – and live happily ever after!

This will be such a landmark day for me too.

It’s been a long journey since I marched into my office at the Home Office and said to my civil servants ‘I am going to deliver same sex marriage – and I know it’s not in the Coalition agreement – but it needs doing’,

And the rest is history – literally.

If you use the find mechanism on my blog – and find ‘gay marriage’, ‘same sex marriage’ or ‘equal marriage’ you will see some of how this came to be. One day – when I am no longer a minister – I will be able to tell the whole story.

But all I really want to do here and now – is wish everyone who marries someone of the same sex exactly what I would wish couples of the opposite sex – all the joy and happiness that being married can bring to two human beings who love each other.


1 thought on “Same sex marriage day tomorrow!

  1. Indeed a credit to all who have pushed for this. Listening to the anti’s, their argument tend to be weak. Britain is both a secular and christian society, so any opposition must be listened to but intelligently dismissed.
    My surprise is that it has come from a Tory PM who must be congratulated on keeping his right wing dinosaurs at bay, but this will have had a lot of support on a free vote from both LibDem and Labour MPs.
    A pity we are suffering from the Right Wing bias from IDS, a man who does not impress, on Welfare, as neither Cameron, Osborne nor IDS inderstand the issues. one where I hope to see some more progressive policies from the LDs when the Coalition splits before the next election.

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