Lynne Featherstone MP demands rat-run action from Haringey Council

ynne Featherstone MP and local Wood Green campaigners discuss the issues facing residents on Ringslade Road. Lynne Featherstone MP has written to Haringey Council to demand action on the ongoing problems associated with the Ringslade Road rat-run in Wood Green.

Along with local Wood Green Lib Dem campaigners, the MP visited the site last Friday to listen to residents’ concerns.

In the letter, the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green outlines her support for an immediate, enforced ban on HGVs using the rat-run, and for a longer term temporary road closure plan.

A public meeting on the issue will be held tonight – giving local residents a further chance to have their say to Council officers. The Liberal Democrat MP suggested that the Council come to the meeting with a plan to tell the residents.

Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“I can completely understand why residents are so frustrated. There are over 2000 vehicles a day coming down their small road – it is noisy, annoying, and unsafe.

“Promises by Labour-run Haringey Council to find a solution have not been fulfilled. This has gone on far too long now, and a solution must be found urgently.

“I am fully behind the local residents’ suggestion of a trial road closure, as a first step towards eradicating the problem in this area.”

Wood Green Lib Dem campaigner Roxy Squire commented:

“We are working with residents on Ringslade Road and the surrounding area to try and find the best solution for all. The situation on Ringslade is unsustainable and urgent action is needed.

“It is important we don’t shift the problem on to other roads, though. That’s why we are supporting an initial ban on HGVs for safety reasons, followed by trial measures, which we can monitor and use to find the best solution.”

1 thought on “Lynne Featherstone MP demands rat-run action from Haringey Council

  1. Lynne Featherstone is supposed to represent All her constituents, not just the nimbies running the Ringslade Road ratrun. Closing off Ringslade will simply force more traffic on to neighbouring roads. The area needs a coherent traffic management policy. Why doesn’t she do something about banning lorries from residential roads – all of them, not just the one where her mates live.

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