Lib Dem success as Hornsey Sorting Office closure is put on hold again

Lynne Featherstone MP, Cllr Richard Wilson and Cllr David Schmitz outside Hornsey Sorting Office with petition slips.Lynne Featherstone MP has today expressed her happiness, as Royal Mail confirmed that the proposed closure of Hornsey sorting office has once again been put on hold.

Royal Mail had planned to close Hornsey sorting office and move the undelivered parcel collection point to Holloway. The move would have forced local residents to travel miles to collect their undelivered parcels, if they didn’t wish to leave parcels with a neighbour, or pay to have them redelivered.

The proposed changes prompted a quick response from the Liberal Democrat MP, who – along with the Haringey Liberal Democrats – started campaigning against the closures. The Local MP then presented a 3000 signature-strong petition to Royal Mail, demanding that the local parcel collection point remain in place.

Following this, Royal Mail put the plans on hold for 6 months to reconsider, giving the sorting office a reprieve. Today, they informed Lynne Featherstone MP that the plans had been put on hold again, for at least another 6 months.

Cllr Katherine Reece, Haringey Lib Dem Deputy Leader, comments:

“This is great news for people in Hornsey. We have been campaigning hard with the local MP Lynne Featherstone to make sure that Hornsey sorting office stays open and people can collect their parcels locally.

“I hope that this 6 months delay means that Royal Mail will listen to demands by local councillors and people for a local service and that in the long term the Hornsey office will stay open.”

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“This is a great day for all local residents who use Hornsey Sorting Office to pick up their undelivered parcels and secure mail.

“Once again, the combination of people power and the Liberal Democrats in Haringey has triumphed. A valued local service has been saved for at least another six months – which will include this year’s busy Christmas period!

“Thank you to all the residents who signed the petition and supported the campaign.

“Royal Mail have promised to be back in touch in six months time with any further news – I will of course pass this on to my constituents as and when I get it.”