One Million Jobs

Here’s my latest column for the Ham and High – also available on Lib Dem Voice

The Liberal Democrats in Government have helped businesses create over one million jobs. Now we are working to create one million more!

Work is so important to individuals and families in the UK. It pays the bills, gives us purpose and fulfilment, and provides security for our long term futures.

I was so happy when I got my first job with a small design and advertising company in the West End – and my first pay packet. I remember feeling so grown up as I caught the tube to work along with the rest of the world. That sense of a daily somewhere to be and something to do has always been incredibly important to me – as it is to everyone.

Work is particularly important for young people leaving school or university. I regularly visit schools in the local area – and am always so pleased to see youngsters with such ambition and enthusiasm. We should be doing all we can to give them the best chance to succeed – which will benefit our economy too.

But – it’s not long since youth unemployment was rising fast under Labour, leaving so many young people without the opportunity to get on in life.

That’s why creating more jobs – particularly for young people – during these tough economic times is top of the Lib Dem’s list of priorities.

The million jobs we have helped create span a number of different industries. We’ve supported industries such as manufacturing by investing £5.5bn extra into science, high-tech manufacturing and renewable energy – in turn creating thousands of new jobs. £15.3bn has been invested into creating building jobs, which will improve Britain’s roads, railways and housing.

Our strategy is working. On top of the million more private sector jobs, youth unemployment is down. Here in Hornsey and Wood Green, youth unemployment has fallen by over a quarter from May 2010 to now.

Overall unemployment in the constituency is also down from 5.2% to 4.5%.

That means hundreds more people in this constituency have been employed since the Lib Dems entered the Coalition Government!

There has also been great success with apprenticeships. In Hornsey and Wood Green alone, 530 new apprenticeships have been created – so now there are three times as many apprentices as 2010!

In order to create a million more jobs for a stronger economy, we are turning our attention to these apprenticeships, and looking to continue the great work. In short – we want to double the number of businesses that take on apprentices.

I am planning on holding an event in the constituency, which will attempt to match up potential employers with apprentices, helping more of our local youngsters get in to work.

Everyone can get involved in this. Just visit the campaign website at to register your support for our national campaign for more apprenticeships, and to find out more information.