Whittington Hospital set to announce a rethink..?

News has broken about the Whittington Hospital. At a Camden Council meeting last night, the Hospital’s medical director Dr Greg Battle told councillors that there has been a ‘complete rethink’ of their strategy.

The controversial hospital strategy – announced in January without consultation – would have seen hospital buildings sold and money reinvested in other services. It also included a reduction in hospital staff and beds, as more care is moved into the community.

Understandably this caused great concern. That’s why the Lib Dems and I campaigned for months to get the hospital to listen to residents – and for no loss of services. After presenting our petition signatures, the hospital agreed to engage residents in their plans, take their views on board and amend their strategy accordingly.

Dr Battle’s comments indicate that this has happened – and in that respect, a rethink is welcome – and potentially a great success for the Lib Dems and local residents.

However, I would urge everyone to err on the side of caution at the moment. Dr Battle has pre-empted the hospital’s official announcement – and we do not know the full details yet. I am meeting the board on Friday, and will be sure to get confirmation and assurances then.

I have also contacted the acting Chairman and Chief Executive of the hospital to attempt to get concrete information more quickly.

Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “Whittington Hospital set to announce a rethink..?

  1. Lynne,
    You keep claiming how brilliant you have been in all this. You haven’t. We have the problem because YOUR government and YOU voted in the awful legislation that requires all hospitals to become foundation trusts.
    This is NOT a victory. You surely are able to read between the lines. Or aren’t you? Too busy telling us how brilliant you are.
    The buildings will be sold off after they get FT status – if they do get it. And they are still saying that we dont need hospital beds, and that it’s best for patients, in this area of high deprivation and high health need, to be sent home early! And what about the massive job cuts – 57- including 220 nursing staff? They have not said a word about that.
    They have shifted. That is because of the really hard unpaid work of the Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition.
    The whole problem tho was set up by you and your Government.

  2. Shirley – Foundation trusts were started under Labour. Labour made it so that a hospital cannot survive unless it becomes a foundation trust. That is where you should lay the blame for ‘setting up’ the problem.

    And as reported in the Islington Tribute – THIS Government has amended the policy over Foundation Trust hospitals, so that the application now does not have to be submitted this year.

    That is the reason why the Whittington can now pause their strategy to listen to residents.

    Local residents getting the time to look through the proposals and have their say on the future of their hospital – as the Lib Dems and I have long petitioned for – that is a victory in my eyes.

  3. Lynne, Did you mention that I want to become a Patient Governor at your meeting with Joe Liddane on 5th? I’m in there on Wednesday 10th for the next attempt at my one day procedure that will take at least two! It has gone wrong twice already, this is third time lucky – I hope! I am the patient that kicks their proposed strategy into touch. Last time when I came round they hadn’t a clue where I would have a bed so I got no supper! This is with the 360 beds! As for the Bed Reduction Programme, this has to stop immediately! If I were to become a Governor my commitment would be to ensure that this bed reduction concept, only supported by the accountants and not the Consultants or local doctors is stopped dead in it’s tracks. ‘Nuff said!

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