Local MP Secures Crucial Repair Following Sandlings Visit

Lynne visits the SandlingsLynne Featherstone MP visited the Sandlings estate in Wood Green recently to hold an advice surgery, where she met and discussed various issues with local residents.

During the Surgery, the MP used an external staircase to visit a resident’s flat. On the way back down the staircase, the MP noticed a small warning sign. The sign was written on paper, which had been ripped, with a handwritten message:“please use other staircase until further notice – please do not use this staircase, ceiling unsafe.” There was a crumbling section of ceiling above the first set of steps.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green promptly contacted Homes for Haringey, and today received a response. The response confirmed that a specialist concrete repair was required and an external contractor would be used to carry out the work.  The works are scheduled to start this week.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“I was shocked and concerned at the state of the ceiling – which was highly dangerous and a hazard to all users of the stair case. The written sign was an insufficient warning – neither my assistant nor I noticed it when we first went up the stairs. A hazard like this should have been cordoned off, and repaired as soon as possible.

I am very glad that, following my intervention, the necessary repairs will now take place.’