Trees destroyed on Hornsey Park Road: Lynne Featherstone MP demands action following Council’s error

Lynne Featherstone MP today demanded answers from Haringey Council, following public reports from the Parkside Malvern Residents Association that a number of young trees had been destroyed. The Association recently informed its followers on the social networking site, Twitter, that 150 tree saplings planted by residents had been destroyed.

The residents speculated that Council workers were responsible for the mowing down of the recently planted saplings. This speculation appears to have been confirmed – as the group further tweeted that the Council had apologised and agreed to replant the trees.

This prompted the Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green to contact the Council, asking who was at fault, and whether an official apology to the residents had been made. The MP also asked when and where the saplings would be replanted.

Commenting on the situation, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“I was concerned to hear that the saplings, planted by hard working residents, had been so arbitrarily destroyed. Whilst I realise that accidents can happen, it is vital that, if responsible, the Council make amends for this mistake and replants these trees in the same location.

Haringey Council are hopeless at fulfilling the promises they make to residents, which is why I contacted them and demanded they commit to a time, date and location for the replanting of these saplings.”