Local Liberal Democrats launch campaign to keep police front counters open

Lynne Featherstone MP and Cllr Martin Newton meeting volunteers who man Muswell Hill Police station front counterTo make the case for keeping police front counters open in Haringey, Lynne Featherstone MP is this week writing to thousands of local residents, urging them to respond to a survey about their use.

The request follows the launch of a Metropolitan police consultation that could potentially leave Haringey with only one front counter open 24/7. The Hornsey and Wood Green MP, who ran a long campaign to keep Muswell Hill police station open, and fought for better opening hours at Fishmongers Arms in Wood Green, is asking local residents to support her campaign for existing front counters to remain open.

To help make the case, Liberal Democrat Crime Spokesperson Cllr Martin Newton is also meeting the Haringey Borough Commander this week.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“Front counters matter. Although some residents feel happy reporting crime over the phone or via email, for many people, being able to speak to someone about being a victim of crime, and getting the reassurance of a friendly face is crucial.

“Having fought long and hard for Muswell Hill police station to stay open, and for better opening hours at the front counter in Wood Green, I know that people need and want a physical place to go and report crime to. Please take a few minutes to respond to our survey, and help us make the case for keeping them open.”

Liberal Democrat Crime Spokesperson Cllr Martin Newton adds:

“Closing front counters is bad for crime reporting, and bad for crime fighting. If Haringey only had one front counter, most people would have to travel far, maybe for as long as an hour, to report crime face-to-face. I fear that would put people off.

“With the consultation running until the 27th May, we only have a short time to make the case for why our front counters need to stay open. Please call Lynne’s office on 020 8340 5459 to respond to our survey.”

The ongoing Metropolitan Police consultation (running until the 27th May) can be responded to by going to this site: http://www.keysurvey.co.uk/survey/360083/41a8/
Residents who want to participate in the Liberal Democrat survey should contact Lynne Featherstone MP’s office either on 020 8340 5459, via email on lynne@lynnefeatherstone.org or write to her at Lynne Featherstone MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

0 thoughts on “Local Liberal Democrats launch campaign to keep police front counters open

  1. Loving the picture with this piece Lynne.

    Looks like you are reporting a crime. Can we have a caption competition?

  2. “Hello Officer, can you help me? I’ve lost something important – all my principles.”

  3. “Please help me officer, I’m a bit confused. I’ve completely lost my way…”

  4. “Thank you for coming in Mrs.Featherstone, we’d like to question you about a serious fraud that took place last year, which evidence suggests you instigated, culminating in the theft of 25,000 votes from the Hornsey and Wood Green area…. this way please”

  5. “Officer, he seemed like such a nice young chap. He’d been to Eton and everything. He promised me the world if we got married. As soon as the deal was done he started to knock me about. Then he went off with all my votes and council seats.”

  6. Good morning officer I’ve come to visit David Laws. Sorry, what do you mean he hasn’t been locked up?

  7. “Why have we closed some of the cells? Well Ken Clarke isn’t that bothered about locking up rapists – and I’m certainly not going to disagree with him on that subject. What do you think I am – a feminist?”

  8. I wish to complain about the decision by the equalities and diversity minister, Ms. Featherstone, to change the status of marriage, from husband and wife, to husband to husband, or wife to wife. This is a corruption of the purpose of marriage to satisfy a tiny minority of people living in the UK.

    Also, by undermining marriage, the UK will see more single parents households disadvantage more children. Marriage is the best way to protect the interests of children, who have better chance of being raised by both sets of parents. That’s if Ms Featherstone does not hate men.

    If Ms Featherstone has any doubts about public opinion on marriages, she can hold a referendum. If she believes in democracy, when important social unions such as marriage is proposed to be changed. If David Cameron believes that any EU treaties need a referendum if there any changes, a marriage referendum is more important, because a change of marrige status changes the social structure of the UK.