0 thoughts on “Haringey says Yes to AV

  1. How is it a ray of sunshine? It was a national vote and the verdict was no. And that’s a poor turnout.

  2. So, where now for the Lib Dems? You can’t easily pull out of the coalition as you know you’ll be evaporated in an early general election. The Tories know this so you’ve lost any real bargaining power you might have had. All that’s left is a for few ineffectual tizzy fits in cabinet with Cameron doing his ‘calm down dear’ routine. I can tell you exactly where you went wrong but I’ve no idea how you can try to make it right. I guess staring blankly into pot holes for your Flick feed is, after all, you’re last remaining option.

  3. Indeed Roger. Camron rules, Clegg takes all the blame; Cameron has no need for an election, Clegg daren’t force one; Electoral Reform is now off the agenda for a generation and a party that is now hopelessly split..and all for a few ministerial positions. The only saving grace might be the the complete non-entity that is the official oppositon. I’m thinking of joining the SNP!

  4. It was only AV that was rejected. People had various reasons for voting “no”, including the view that AV was a “miserable little compromise”. And people had various reasons for not voting at all, such as the concern that a “no” vote would be misconstrued as a vote in favour of keeping First-Past-The-Post.

    Obviously supporters of First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) are keen to have this result seen as meaning that the issue of electoral reform altogether is closed for a generation. It’s not because it’s been killed dead, but because they want those of us who support reform to give up. I’m not giving up.

    “No” voters include those who rejected the “miserable little compromise” in favour of proportional representation. There was no choice on that on the ballot paper, so proportional representation certainly hasn’t been rejected. Supporters of PR have no reason, at this time, to stop campaigning for PR. It’s only if we go along with the posturing of the FPTP supporters that we turn this defeat on AV into a bigger defeat for electoral reform generally.

    And, as I’ve said, there were those who didn’t vote at all precisely because a “no” vote could be misconstrued as a vote in favour of FPTP, a vote against electoral reform altogether. Combined with the fact that there were plenty of non-voters who chose not to defend FPTP in the referendum – they didn’t do anything to stop AV, because they didn’t vote against it – it’s clear that this isn’t the victory for FPTP that some are claiming.

    It’s really just the last, big lie of the “No” campaign, intended to persuade the millions who want reform to give up hope. I am not fooled.

    I fear Ed Milliband’s swallowed the last, big “No” lie all too readily.

  5. Simon you are cleaerly Lynn’s lickspittle since she is far too important to venture into the commons,

    But that referendum was what you got for the coalition. For supporting the most right wing government since the 1930’s in bringing in policies not mentioned in their manifesto or yours, for wiping out your party in every council north of Eastleigh and shredding your credibility for years to come that was your lot – Apart from Nick Clegg’s chauffeur driven car..

    It was about the worst deal since George C Parker sold the Brooklyn Bridge-

    And it’s symptomatic of the state of your party that the LibDems.org website hasn’t been updated since March

  6. Little ray of sunshine, give it a break. The Lie Dems have been pulped by the electorate and rightly so. You have to hand it to Cameron though – it was extremely clever to set up the Glib Dems as his whipping boys, while he stays on the sidelines undamaged and laughing.

  7. So, you sacrificed your “no rise in fees” policy for the right to hold a referendum on election reform… how did that work out for you guys? The tories are doing pretty much exactly what they promised to do at the last election so we knew what to expect and can’t blame them. You guys offered us a “little ray of sunshine” and have promptly broke your key promises. I understand that you may have to compromise in a coalition but you have gone too far

  8. Haringey might have voted yes but still a feable turn out. I wonder if it would have been different had we had council elections at the same time as the rest of the UK. I would be cautious in thinking that Haringey’s yes vote is synonymous with LibDem support; even the Labour leader voted yes.

    Now electoral reform is out of the way and your leader is giving a green light for you to be critical of proposed changes to the NHS when can we expect to hear from you, because so far you have remained silent and uncritical …

  9. But the country has spoken – and that’s that!

    They have indeed but why did they say NO? That’s the real question you have to answer.

    I’m guessing they just dont like the kind of unprincipled government they have now and certainly dont want a system that delivers even more of it.

    Time to flagellate, purge and purify (Binning Clegg) and rebrand. Do it now and all this might just be forgotten by the next election.

    Never has an opportunity been squandered so badly.

  10. Where is your defence of stripping emplpoyees of their rights to compensation when they have been discriminated against? Oh, there isn’t one.

    Once again the equalities minister sits on her hands while her colleagues in government – her Lib Dem colleagues in government – go on a right wing rampage.

    You are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. But I am sure your plans to reform who can be King or Queen are going well. Stay focused on the key priorities Lynne.


  11. Re the AV referendum – obviously voting “no” was a second choice to voting “yes”. So if you add all the second preference “no” votes to the first preference “yes” votes, you have a stonking majority in favour of AV. I’m surprised the Lib Dems (who came third in the general election but have somehow ended up in government) have failed to announce this to the world!

  12. Lynne, what are your reasons for supporting the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill? Do you believe we should have elected police commissioners, and if so why would this American-style system benefit Britain?

  13. One yearin power. Was it worth it Lynne? You now support everything you once fought against.

    Betcha feel a bit of a dunskey huh?

    Will you retire soon so we can have an MP from a younger generation who’s more in touch?

  14. I did vote for AV, but puhleease, don’t see it as a ray of sunshine for yourself or the LibDems. It ain’t!

    You’re going down the pan, just like your pledge on tuition fees did